Carpet Cleaning

Take advantage of our 100% Carpet Cleaning Guarantee


At CBM, we utilize a self-contained system of carpet cleaning, allowing us to reach areas that a truck mounted system cannot. Truck mounted systems are not only limited in their reach, but create a security issue during cleaning. Your doors are left wide open while the cleaning crew is inside, and that’s not something you need or want after hours.

All of our machines are equipped with two- and three-stage motor systems, giving you the same extraction pressure of a truck mount, but without the limitations.

commercial-carpet-cleaningWe also utilize the least amount of water possible, reducing risk to your carpet. And we use cleaning products that are designed to not only clean effectively, but extend the life of your carpets.

Best of all, our carpet cleaning comes with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. Any areas not meeting your satisfaction, or spots that reappear, will be quickly re-cleaned, at no additional charge.

All of our janitorial contracts come with specially discounted carpet cleaning rates for our clients, so for the best cleaning program possible, let us set you up with a comprehensive bid for all of your cleaning needs. Call or email today for a FREE estimate!