Green Cleaning


Join the Clean Planet revolution!



Many of the chemicals commonly found in conventional cleaning products have ingredients that can cause respiratory and dermatological problems for those who use the products and for those who occupy the facilities where they are used. Green cleaning programs are designed to move away from these products to ones that are less harmful to employees, building occupants and the environment.

At CBM, we have taken a number of pro-active steps in order to maintain our commitment to “Green” cleaning.

First, we use chemicals that are environmentally safe and “Green Seal Certified” by the Green Seal Organization, a non-profit group devoted to setting environmental standards in the workplace. And since most environmental problems are caused by overuse of cleaning chemicals, we use only concentrated cleaners that work with ProLink’s Patented Dilution Control System, which takes the guess work out of the process. Prolink’s Green Seal Certified Products help us reduce waste, use less packaging, and reduce chemical contact for improved safety (INFORMATIONAL BROCHURES ATTACHED).

For carpet care and cleaning, we use Pros Choice chemicals, which are environmentally safe, “Green Certified,” and most effective in removing ground-in dirt and grime. These chemicals are also IICRC Approved and certified.

For further environmentally safe cleaning, we only use equipment that meets the highest standards of “Green” cleaning. For daily cleaning, we use Sanitaire upright vacuums, which are CRI Approved, and equipped with premium filtration systems that filter 96.75% of allergens down to 0.3 microns for cleaner air.

For large areas and stairwells, we use ProTeam Backpack Vacuums, which are equipped with ProTeam Intercept Micro Filters. These filters are gauged to collect 99.9% of indoor pollutants.

We also train our employees in “Green” cleaning techniques in order to maintain the highest standards of environmentally safe cleaning. All of these steps have been taken in order to provide the most effective, “Green” cleaning program available.


CBM’s Green Cleaning Practices Include:

  • Environmentally Responsible Commercial Carpet Cleaning products
  • Hot Water Carpet Extraction and Agitation, Which Decreases the Need for Chemicals
  • Low VOC Hard Floor Stripping, Sealing and Finishing Products
  • Use of Microfiber Dusting Cloths for Dusting and Window Cleaning, Rather Than Paper Products
  • Ammonia Free Window Cleaner
  • Use of Green Seal Approved Cleaning Products
  • Use of Recycled Paper Products
  • HEPA Filters on Vacuumes
  • Assist with Recycling Efforts
  • and we turn off all lights!